Testimony from Sacred Pause Discovery Day August 26th 2017

The day complete

I so am grateful to Yvonne and the herd for sharing the Sacred Pause with us.
I have had some experience with horses and mindfulness and my intention for the day was to be open.

When I arrived I felt very welcome, Yvonne has a relaxed way with people and animals and it was easy to let go of the outside world and slide into the day. The body scan was revealing, and the way the body communicates was interesting.
When we met the horses Yvonne taught us how to create a safe space for ourselves by setting boundaries without dominance but with clarity of intention and clear communication.
It was a beautiful experience and allowed me to just be myself with the horses and vice a versa.

In the afternoon we sat with the horses in the field. Immediately QT and Monty came over and breathed on me, QT pushed my journal off my knee and nudged my glasses, I got the feeling he just wanted me to relax. When I set the journal back onto my knee Monty started to push it off so I set it down.
Monty then began to heal the area the body scan had revealed to me. He seemed to blow things off me with his breath and set his nose on my head, neck and shoulders. He was so gentle that as I sat with my eyes closed I thought Yvonne had taken his place and was placing her hands on me but it was Monty the whole time.
I sensed him lift something off me and he drew down what felt like warm sunlight into my body. He opened something that had been blocked.
I was totally at ease, peaceful and connected to all. I still feel his presence and that peace at my core.

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