A testimonial from January Discovery Day

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I had an extraordinary experience with Yvonne and her equine team on an experiental day. I was deeply touched by the powerful capacity of this unspoken communication between myself and my equine partner, to speak volumes – way more than any words could encapsulate or do sufficient justice to. Yvonne has a wonderful sensitivity in holding space which in turn allowed me to receive a deeply insightful, thought provoking, intuitive and life altering experience. I look forward to more. Thank you  – Sharon O’Farrell

Testimony from the Sacred Pause

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I came to the day with no real expectations except felt a strong urge to try this work with horses even though there was some fear in me of these majestic animals. But as the day progressed these horses especially Monty really opened my heart and the quality of peaceful presence this brought to me was miraculous. Presence is always there but I realised I’m mostly not!
Amazing teaching, I’ll be back for more….
Thank you so much Yvonne.

The Healer


Another testimonial from the November workshop

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Testimony about workshop with Rosie Withey and Yvonne Monahan : « Harmony in relationships »


It seems quite hard to write a resumé in a few sentences what I experienced through this workshop : It was both a deep work on my inner self and a deep dive into life. Not only an intense work on my feelings, my beliefs (true or false) and my deepest emotions, but also a great (re)connection with others, humankind and my own humanity.

The exercises with the horses lead you to a real and strong connection to yourself and the whole, and enhance the heart qualities through joy and authenticity which you feel all at once. I’ve never felt so authentic and safe with people I didn’t even know a few days before. The 3 days we spent together were tinged with attention, empathic listening and a great spirituality. I don’t know how it happened but it worked ! I wasn’t particularly – or I thought so before doing the workshop – concerned by harmony in relationship. I thought it was not my priority on my personal and professional development. In fact, this workshop appeared to be essential and a very crucial issue. Being reconnected with humankind and my own humanity helps me to find out who I am. Horses are incredibly powerful to lead you being authentic, present, focused and aware of the whole at the same time. They can open your heart and make your mind be quiet.

I do believe that something magical happened in the warmth and gentleness of Yvonne’s place, and the serenity every one could feel. Thanks to Yvonne for a beautiful poems, so inspiring, and the awareness and strong experience Rosie gave us.

It was a very enlightened moment and experience I believe we all shared. It was also a great opportunity to meet other fantastic people, gathered for different reasons but sharing the same search of authenticity and humanity through horses. We all could never come and live this experience, but we all came. I don’t believe in coincidences, instead I believe in synchronicity.

The work we did with Rosie, Yvonne and the horses gave me tools I still use everyday and help me remain in authenticity and consciousness. I practice a body scan often and especially when I feel strong emotions or if I feel over reacting ; sometimes I find an answer, sometimes it’s not so obvious, but in any case it helps to get back to my inner being, to consciousness. Back home, I feel more aware of the things and beings around me ; better organised and focused on my aims, more present to myself…and a better leader for the herd, which can feel it too, I believe ! They all recognise the boundaries I set up through the workshop, without really being conscious I had. Horses never lie. Neither your energy !
Horses make you be aware of your emotions, your false beliefs about yourself or others, or what others think of you. They make you focus on your vulnerability, your lack of confidence, the strength of your commitment, the efficiency –or-not – of your boundaries… The enlightenment of Rosie and Yvonne helped me to get it into words and consciousness.

I still carry the feeling that I belong to the whole, I am part of it, as Diego, the beautiful near dark horse told me. He gave me such an experience of joy and serenity, rooted in that feeling of membership , grounded and light at the same time. I learnt a great lesson then and gain a new but strong conviction that everything is possible as long as I believe so and am true to my feelings. Everything comes from the heart and Diego made it beat stronger. We had a beautiful dance together and it is part of me now, especially when doubts or laziness try to overwhelm me….
… and that life is an « ocean of possible »

With so many thanks to you both.



Harmony in Relationships

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Just wanted to share another heartfelt testimonial;

Two fabulous teachers, a wonderful herd of 10 horses and a lovely place at the Seaside.

For harmony in relationship it does not need any words – it is the space between, where you understand yourself and the others. In the silence you can feel/experience the strong connection –  your own soul as well as to the others around you. With gratitude I look back to many beautiful experiences with the horses.
One experience, which I enjoyed very much was the time being in the herd, simply present and with an open heart. In this moment I felt the strong connection to all around me with the knowledge – I am a part of them. There was no difference between human and animal –  just a lovely communication from soul to soul, with a lot of healing within.
This was one of many experiences, where Yvonne and Rosie guided us through. They held the powerful energy of the group, gave each participant support and freedom in experiencing this connection with the horses in a joyful way. Both, Yvonne and Rosie, were always aware of the needs of the participants and the horses and have shown us respectively let us experiencing the power of intention with clear boundaries and trust.
According to all of my experiences with horses I know they are great teachers in listening, feeling and allowing our emotions, which guide us to our personal pathway and our uniqueness.
Cornelia, Liechtenstein